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McAlester Roofing is the process of either renovating current, old roofs, repairing those roofs, or remodeling an entire roofing structure located in McAlester, Oklahoma. Roofing contractors split their work into two categories, commercial and residential, as often times roofing codes, or regulations, vary based on the purpose of the building under construction. Whether you are looking to update and make renovations or are simply looking to repair damages caused by storms, hiring a well experienced and skilled McAlester Roofing company will get your construction job done quick and easy.


Types of Materials Used in McAlester Roofing Projects

There are a variety of materials used when repairing either your residential or commercial roof. But more specifically, it’s the top layer that varies the most. Every roof has elements of wood and water-proofing, but the material that lays on top is both a design element and a structural one. The most common materials used to top a roof are the following:

• Composite Shingle – This roofs time typically lasts 15-50 years, depending on maintenance and natural disasters in your environment. This is the most popular McAlester Roofing material due to its low cost of purchase and installation. However, that’s also the reason it may only last 15 years. High-end Composite Shingles are more expensive, but they will give you a greater lifespan.

• Wooden Shingles – This roof types lifespan is generally around 25 years. The perk to this type of roof is that wood is an organic material, so if that fits your lifestyle best, this is the roof for you. But, remember you need to replace any split or cracked shingles immediately. A McAlester Roofing company can help you with this.

• Standing Seam Metal – The lifespan for this roofing type is about 30 to 50 years. Also, it is largely becoming one of the most popular roofing types and metal is much more durable and provides better protection than other options. And when it comes to Oklahoma, having a metal roof will help prevent regular roof damage from natural disasters. Just regularly check the seams on the roof for loose fasteners or sealant failures.

• Wooden Shake Shingles – The lifespan on this wooden roof type is about 35-40 years. The different between the wooden shake shingles and the plain wooden shingles is the thickness of the wood. Shakes are much thicker than their counterpart, which provides better protection and durability. But much like the other wooden option, you will need to replace any split, curled, cupped, or cracked shingles immediately. A McAlester Roofing company can help you with this maintenance.

• Clay Spanish Tiles – This type of roof tends to last the second longest with an average of about 100 years. These roofing tiles haveMcAlester Roofing been known to last an extremely long time and originally came here from Spain and South America when old California missions started popping up. The upside to these tiles is that they aren’t really effected by weathering or decay like the ones mentioned above. However, what can really doom roofs with these tiles is when the terracotta used to make these tiles crack. That means avoid walking on them and always check them after a hail storm or a tornado comes through. A McAlester Roofing contractor can do the checkups for you to insure no damage comes to your roofing tile.

• Slate – Slate is the longest lasting roofing material with an average of 100 plus years of lifespan expectancy. These are the strongest and most durable roof types, but requires a truss system strong enough to hold their weight as they are cut stone. These do not weather or decay like the Spanish clay style roofs, but differ in the fact that they are harder to split or crack. However, they are not 100 percent resistance to cracking. If you notice that any of slate tiles have cracked, you should have them replaced immediately by a McAlester Roofing contractor.

Another option that many businesses take are flat roofs. These roofs are made up of Asphalt BUR that is laid down in multiple layers of reinforcing plies. The Asphalt also acts as a form of weather proofing. However, do to black asphalt on the roof, it can draw in the UV rays, heating up the building. To prevent this, you need a reflective surface to bounce those rays off your building. Its most common for lay a layer of gravel on the roof to get this protection. Those roofs are known as Asphalt and gravel roofs.


Barnett Construction & Roofing | McAlester Roofing

Barnett Construction and Roofing was founded on one simple belief. Ethical behavior should drive each and every decision that we make. We pride ourselves on creating the best customer service experience in our industry, and creating a warm and friendly customer experience that makes you feel like part of the family. The Barnett family has restored homes in Oklahoma for more than 30 years. Our technicians are highly trained and equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Barnett provides turnkey home repair services. From disaster repair to new construction, we can help turn your house into a home.


McAlester Roofing Products and Services 

Years of Oklahoma sun, wind, rain, ice, and snow take their toll on your home. We have the products and professional service you need to keep your home safe and looking its best.
• Remodel – Remodeling your home is a great way to open up or modernize your home. If you need to refresh your home before putting it on the market, new kitchen and bathrooms, an add on for the parents, or a new media center can all make a home feel new again.

• Repair – Let our expert roofers handle any repairs you may have. We’ve got you covered through all of life and Oklahoma’s seasons.

• Construction – From new construction to expansions and add-ons, the right contractor makes all of the difference.


For more information on what Barnett Construction & Roofing can do for you, contact the McAlester Roofing Specialists.